iGap Travel provides the ultimate resource for all your gap travel needs.  Whether you have just finished college, still at university, or simply want to explore the world; we are here for you.  Our extensive travel guides will bring to life the coolest destinations on the planet while we will spoil our lovely readers with daily updated online content featuring travel advice, working abroad and activity ideas.  Visitors can also enter our free competitions.

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We aim to bring to you the holy grail in gap travel and provide all the inspirations and tips & tricks from our own experiences so that you can have the most amazing time ever should you choose to take the trip of a lifetime.  We are able to utilize the knowledge and experience of our team of researchers and journalists who have traveled extensively as well as tapping into the minds of the experts that run projects, deliver tours and provide accommodation in every corner of the world.


Everyone loves a good freebie so that is why we have launched the Competitions section on our iGap Travel website.  We all know that building up the funds and buying everything that you need for your dream adventure can be a bit of a nightmare so that is why we are here to help you out along the way.  Our online competitions are free to enter and will give you the chance to win anything from the greatest holidays to the latest gadgets.

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