The Luxury Travel Guide is an exclusive resource for Corporate LiveWire users and subscribers.  We aim to be the leading provider of travel & lifestyle related news, reviews and features to the global business community.  The Luxury Travel Guide provides readers with an objective look over holiday destinations, hotels, spas, entertainment, technology and much more.  We regularly consider the best of the best of what is available to today’s corporate professional.  Visitors will get daily updated online content and can enter our free competitions.  Head over to our Guides page where you will find our flagship digital magazine publication which provides ‘global advice for the affluent traveler’.

Luxury Travel Guide

The Luxury Travel Guide is an exclusive, fully interactive publication focusing on where to go and what to do during your holiday or business trips.  Since our maiden Global Luxury Travel Guide we have delved further into each country with every guide focusing on a specific region or continent.  Taking the very best in luxury travel, the guide covers every meticulous detail on the best destinations and activities on offer to assist in making your vacation remain in your memories forever.


It wouldn’t be right for us to tempt you with all of the luxurious products and glamorous destination that we cover across the Luxury Travel Guide brand without giving you the chance to enjoy it for yourself.  That is why we have launched our Competitions section which over the past year has resulted in our lucky readers winning everything from an Apple Macbook Pro to several nights stay at a luxury hotel & spa.

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